Alpacas and Lockdown/Self Isolation.... Just another normal day really....

Oh, it’s certainly been awhile since I was able to sit at a computer and write something. Our daily lives have not changed a great deal, although I go to town even less now. Which is actually some kinda wonderful. I have had the time to get back out into the paddock and have good look at the animals in my charge! They are exceeding expectations with leaps and bounds. I really have produced an incredible fleece collection in the genetics I have chosen and breeding to bring out the best in all animals. Its easy to forget why we do this when life produces challenges in all aspects of our busy lives and pulls us in different directions. Especially when these animals aren’t a prime source of income. I guess I really took my finger of the mark and forgot what I have been achieving with Alpaca why I am in this industry. It has been great focus for me with a lot of aspects of my life being in isolation, (Although being on the farm, isolation is a big factor of life in general) but I have really taken stock of what is important and really have pulled in a routine for each weekday especially as I need to be homeschooling ( oh what “fun” this has been! ) so a routine is a must for things to run smoothly. I have applied this to every other job that needs doing and sharing the love about and getting it all done gradually and actually seeing improvement, albeit a bit slow and steady, in everything I have been wanting to achieve. I can’t remember the time when I was able to just stop and smell the actual roses, even though I only have one rose bush, but its trully wonderful.

Each moring I have been out in the paddock walking amongst the mums and their new cria and just loving it. Seeing the breeding choices I have made make me nod and smile, and of course raise an eyebrow at the not so good choices. But its all part of it. Trials and errors. Anyone who has bred stud animals will understand this.

I still marvel at these animals each day. They have settled in perfectly out here. Much to the surprise of A LOT of people. I always get lots of different questions about them and one of the most popular ones (apart from “don’t they spit!”) is “Is it not too hot for them out here?”…. in short no, its not… but that’s a topic for another day.

Take this COVID-19 as time to stop and take stock of your life. Really LOOK at it. You have the time now to find your centre again. I know I have...

Stay safe everyone. Be kind and remember….

Keep Smiling

Cheers Michelle x