Alpaca Tails

Alpacas and Lockdown/Self Isolation.... Just another normal day really....

2020! Wow! How the heck did that happen!... bring on the 10th year that Rosegum has been a business.  I can't believe that Rosegum is still here, well I can, but it’s very surreal.


Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

As I type this at 7.30am in the morning I realize that the heat today is going to be a scorcher! Good ol’ Aussie summer has turned on like a bang the past week, so time to really put some measures out for the alpacas to help them cope too. Airconditioning might be a little expensive to put in a shed so here are some tips that might help the kids feel some reprieve.

Hi! Michelle Hamilton here, Alpaca Breeder extraordinaire. lol

Welcome to my first article in my blog.

Alpacas have been a huge part of my life since august 2010. Its been a long and winding road to where I am today and have had a lot fun and some heartache along the way.